Eric Breitkreutz

Eric Breitkreutz is the President & Principal Consultant of Broadcross Inc. He helps leaders translate their business aspirations into compelling results through high-performing organizations, people, and cultures.

Eric's expertise is in helping businesses improve their organization capability through designing operating models and organizations to effectively execute their unique business strategy. He helps align and engage people, and encourage their collaboration in the pursuit of business outcomes. He guides leaders in establishing performance management and improvement processes supported by innovative and powerful incentive programs. He maps out talent management and succession programs with a clear purpose, and develops high impact leaders. He helps executives set out growth plans and road maps to effectively integrate acquisitions. He transforms HR functions through improved service delivery processes and enhanced impact on the achievement of corporate business goals.

His track record of accomplishment spans more than 25 years – in corporate executive roles, as a strategic change consultant, and as an interim executive in organizations undergoing significant change. He has held executive positions in a variety of prominent Canadian businesses including TELUS, Barrick Gold, and Toromont Industries. As a member of the PwC strategic change practice and principal of Broadcross Inc. Eric has supported the business transformation efforts of major clients across a range of industry sectors, including energy services, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, electrical energy, and technology.

Through his insight to the executive leadership requirements for growth and change, Eric offers valuable intellectual capital-on-demand for executives. He is respected for his ability to diagnose complex and ambiguous organizational issues, to distill leading thought and techniques into practical, impactful, and cost effective solutions, and to map out implementation paths for navigating through change that will guarantee compelling results.